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Our factory merges and acquires other companies,further accelerating the growth
into new areas,We now set up Shandong Yidu Valve Group manufacturing :
Iron and ductile gate valve, metal to metal RS and NRS 2"-48".per ANSI,BS,DIN.
Iron and ductile iron globe valve metal to metal,2"-12" per ANSI,BS,DIN.
Iron and ductile iron swing check valve metal to metal seat,2"-48"per ANSI,BS,DIN.
Iron and ductile iron Y strainer 2"-24",per ANSI,BS,DIN.
Iron gate,globe and swing check valve,rubber seat,2 ̄-24 ̄ per BS and DIN.
Iron butterfly valve,flange,lug and wafer, 2"-48" ANSI,BS,DIN,UL/FM certified.
iron gate valve rubber seat,2"-12", ANSI,BS and DIN,UL/ FM ,WRAS certified.
Rubber expansion joint per ANSI,BS and DIN.
Steel gate,globe,check and ball valves as per API,2-36",API certified.
Forge and stainless steel valves small size valves as per ANSI,BS and DIN.
Triplex mud pump,oil drilling rig,truck mounted rig and oil pumping unit as per API.
The group has three foundries:lost wax foundry,lost foam foundry,green sand foundry,
We can pour castings as per customer design and drawing.

Mr Duan
Group¨s Export Dept:Weifang Chinaway Valve Co.,Ltd.
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Headquarters: 7,Xiangshan Road,Qingzhou,Shandong,China,Zipcode:262500